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Bond Trial Kit

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Regenerate Broken Bonds.

Patented Sub Micron Technology.

Patent# WO2017124061A1

What is it?

A trial size four-part system of products; Regenerator, Shampoo, Amplifier, and Sustainer that work synergistically to repair and protect your client’s hair during lightening, coloring, heat styling, or stand-alone treatments. Want the full size? Full-size Bond Kits are available here.

What does it do?

The Bond Treatment generates and reinforces new bonds in damaged hair fibers throughout every step of your service, from processing to cleansing and conditioning to take-home care. The Uberliss Bond Treatment retains 121% of the hair’s elasticity after coloring and lightening services.

Why does it work?

Our Patented Bond Formula contains Glycidoxy Dimethicone, a unique reactive silicone that actively seeks out damaged disulfide bonds and repairs them. This particular ingredient differs from the typical silicones you might find in traditional conditioners and leave-in products. In the lab, The Glycidoxy Dimethicone is emulsified into a Sub-Micron Emulsion, making the formula highly efficient at repairing damaged bonds along the hair shaft. All four products included in The Bond Treatment are formulated with this Patented Technology, ensuring maximum repair and protection throughout every step of your service.

Who is it for?

All hair types! The Uberliss Bond Treatment is compatible with all glazes, glosses, powder lighteners, permanent and demi-permanent colors, and developers. For professional use only. Visit our blog or FAQ for more info.


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Regenerate Broken Bonds.

Sub Micron Technology.

Patent Pending.


The Uberliss Bond Treatment outperforms EVERY MAJOR Bond Builder tested over and over and over again. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.


NO Need to Increase Processing Time.
NO Need to Bump Developer.
A MUST add for Blonde or Balayage Clients.
Safely bleach hair without worry

Trial Kit Includes:
Step #1 – Bond Regenerator – 109ml
Step #2 – Bond Shampoo – 109ml
Step #3 – Bond Amplifier – 109ml
Retail Take Home – Bond Sustainer – 109ml


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