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Bond Shampoo

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Preserves Crosslinks.

Unique Formulation.

PATENT# WO2017124061A1



What is it?

An extra gentle shampoo made with ceramides.

What does it do?

Gently cleanses the hair, locks in the results of Step 1, and preps the hair for Step 3

Why does it work?

Bond Shampoo is a special type of shampoo made with ceramides that works synergistically with The Bond Treatment.
The Bond Shampoo is uniquely formulated to preserve the hair?s newly formed crosslink bonds.

Who is it for?

All hair types! It can be used on its own or as a part of the 3 Step Uberliss Bond treatment. The Uberliss Bond treatment is compatible with all glazes, glosses, powder lighteners, permanent and demi-permanent colors, and developers. For professional use only.

Uniquely formulated to preserve?newly created crosslink bonds during?Bond Regeneration.

Bond Shampoo is the?only shampoo tested that?doesn’t strip?crosslinks.

Standard cleansers can inadvertently strip precious and fragile crosslinks created during Step 1 or from at home use of Bond Sustainer.

A critical component of the Uberliss Bond Treatment.

‘A Must Use’ product for anyone that has been using Bond Builders with their lightener or at home.

Gluten Free. Paraben Free.

Instructions of Use



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