What is Texture Release?

Texture Release® is a heat activated Smoothing System that features amino acids and advanced patented conditioning agents which go deep into the hair fibres that enable ultimate styling versatility allowing the stylist to take your hair from curly to versatile or straight without compromising your curl pattern.

Ideal clients

Clients who do not want permanent relaxer commitment

Clients who are transitioning

Clients who want to elongate their natural curl pattern

Clients who want versatility with styling

Clients who want to maintain natural texture in between blow drying

Frequently Asked Questions

Texture Release will last up to two months depending on hair type andcondition.

It will condition, reduce shrinkage and give greatermanageability to natural hair.

Most Brazilian blow-dries are associated with the use offormaldehyde/Methylene Glycol of sought; this is not the case with the TextureRelease. Texture Release is asub-micron Technology Amino Acid basedtreatment. There is no formaldehyde or Methylene Glycol in the system.

Over a period of time if you consistently went for optimalstraightening then yes,you would see changes. However, you would need to discuss what the TextureRelease options are with your stylist during your consultation along with whatyour styling needs are.

No, Texture Release will not change the hair structure permanently. TextureRelease acts as a filler to the hair structure that is activated by heat.

The best time tocolour hair after receiving a Texture Release treatment wouldbe 5-7 days after the treatment. However, you can have a semi-permanentconditioned based colour applied on the day.

Yes, it acts as an amazing treatment on relaxed hair and can be used in betweenrelaxer services as a conditioning treatment. Texture Release is a part of theAvlon texture management system. Ask your stylist for further information.


Please inform your stylist if you are pregnant or have any allergies.

Key ingredients:

Safflower, Royal Jelly, Hibiscus, Oat Oil, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Flaxseed, Oregano, Amla, SugarCane