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Education at the heart of everything we do

As products, techniques and services continue to develop and grow for people with afro hair, so has the popularity of including treatments in salons to cater to kinks, curls and coils.At Avlon, we’re encouraging salons to be more inclusive and not shy away from afrohairdressing. Our education programme provides salons and hairdressers with the confidence, knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver hair treatments to this ever-growing market.

We believe strongly in encouraging creativity and talent in hairdressing and invite you to learnmore about how you can incorporate this into your business Avlon education is available to all Avlon salons. It is brought to you via a network of platforms, in salon, collective workshop sessions, inspirational ev ents and Zoom education We are incredibly passionate about our industry and have a deep understanding of hairdressers. We have exciting plans, all designed to ensure Avlon is the perfect partner to growyour business and enable you to be the best you can be.

Avlon professional education programme

Our professional education programme is brought to you by a strong education team who are dedicated to ensuring Avlon continues to lead the way in education, inspiration and ultimately supporting hairdressers and salons to help make their dreams a reality. 

Our courses include (but not limited to); texture management, the ultimate back bar experience, Avlon scalp care and the fundamentals of scalp disorders, Thermal Wonder-our thermal protection system, Texture Release and Affirm prescriptive relaxer systems

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