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The focus on this training is the science of excessively curly hair that sits within the classification of type 3 and 4. Understanding the shift required in the knowledge of “DEPT”, Density, Elasticity,Porosity and Torsion is heightened when working with hair Type 3-4.

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The science of hair program Avlon methodology will leave you equipped for delivering the theory of working with excessively curly hair, with the best technology available for use on this hair type. 

Avlon training will equip your tutors with the knowledge required to deliver and perform technical services to a high standard which will ensure the new national occupational standards are embedded within your curriculum delivery. Our training will start with supporting and extending your current knowledge on analysing and assessing hair type 3 and 4, identifying the hair structure, Ph, and curl pattern. Giving clear guidance on the impact of salon services to the hair shaft and scalp area, with answers and solutions to enable the very best in hair care.


The introduction program is designed to give hands-on understanding of the hair classification and the impact it has on day-to-day salon services. Education teams will gain the confidence they need to support learners understand the importance of analysing and selecting the correct backbar service products. 

Along with the appropriate styling and finishing choices, you will gain knowledge and understanding on the shampoo, retail and back bar conditioners within the KeraCare & Affirm brand, an in-depth knowledge of the treatment range leading to build confidence in analysing & diagnosing the hair and scalp in preparation for shampooing and conditioning treatments assisted by the right choice in styling and finishing products

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